Polanik Super Soft Rubber Indoor Shot Put



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VDL72 (TRIAL super soft 7,26 kg, 16 lbs) 13.5cm

VDL5,5 (TRIAL super soft 5,5 kg, 12.1 lbs) 13cm

VDL4 (TRIAL super soft 4 kg, 8.8 lbs) 11.5cm

Polanik's PREMIUM Indoor Shot.

Yes, these seem a bit pricey vs cheaper knockoffs, but imagine buying the cheapest indoor shot you can find, and then having 1000+ tiny lead BB's rolling around on your gymnasium floor.  These are built to last.  These products are Made in ITALY.  Brand is TRIAL.  Polanik also sells TRIAL discuses that are extra soft and safer for kids than hard rubber.


  • super soft rubber, safe in use, ideal for beginners, for indoor and outdoor training, bright visible colors

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