SpaceMaster TAILWIND [Polanik] Javelin


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SPACE MASTER – top competition javelin model 800g. Ultrathin javelin end, maximal rigidness, completely new head in a cigar shape coated with thick layer of zinc, powder paint in seledine transparent colour.
Space Master javelins come in two head options.  Cigar and Sharp as shown in the photos.  The sharp is considered better for headwinds, while the cigar head is considered better for tailwinds.
IAAF certificate no. I-13-0656
The javelins are produced on the instrumentation which guarantees higher precision of dimensions and weight distribution. The duraluminium we use is also changed. Its modified chemical constitution allows us to increase the javelin rigidness. All the new line javelin models have got weights and dimensions at the edge of the IAAF technical allowance, what ensures the highest possible range. The javelin cord is a new one, too - synthetic core in cotton plait. In the jubilee year the transparent powder paint refers to the first models of Polanik aluminium javelins from 1985.

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