Competition Javelin - Steel Tip - Red/Black

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  • This Javelin is our most Popular Competition Javelin
  • Equipped with NEW Upgraded Stainless Steel Tips that will NOT chip or rust -that will last for years!
  • With INCREASED Stiffness - This Javelin has less vibration making it more Aerodynamic.  These Spears Fly Farther than our practice Javelins.  

WHEN YOU PURCHASE MORE THAN ONE JAVELIN FROM 4throws                   YOUR 2nd,3rd,&4th JAVELINS SHIP FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

Guaranteed to meet all IAAF Specifications. Each javelin is carefully weighed and inspected prior to shipment, Guaranteeing that every GOLD Series Javelin is able for use in all Competitions. They have been specifically designed for the Beginner/Intermediate Thrower to use in Competition and with their increased durability and superior quality over the Silver Series, they are also well-suited for the Advanced thrower to use in a practice environment.

Unlike our Silver Series javelins which have chrome plated tips that can be chipped which can allow rust to erode the metal, our GOLD series javelins have now been Upgraded and Equipped with Stainless Steel tips meaning that these tips will NOT chip or rust and will stay in great condition for many years!

Elite Throwers create a high level of vibration in the javelin when throwing. For Male throwers beyond 160ft, and female throwers beyond 125ft, the ELITE Series Javelin is for you. The Elite Javelin is our Premium Competition Javelin allowing for a farther throw.

All 4THROWS javelins ship in our Deluxe PVC tubes with a threaded end caps and  retaining cords so you wont loose your cap! These javelin tubes are Great for traveling to meets!

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