Training Javelin - Rubber Tip WHITE


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  • This Javelin is our Leading Training Javelin.
  • They hold up to moderate use and are offered at a low and heavily discounted price
  • With the very low prices of these spears, they provide the opportunity for any thrower to buy multiple javelins for increased training productivity.

WHEN YOU PURCHASE MORE THAN ONE JAVELIN FROM 4throws                   YOUR 2nd,3rd,&4th JAVELINS SHIP FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!


Designed to IAAF Specifications. They are well-suited for the beginner/intermediate thrower to use in practice but having been designed to IAAF Specs, throwers have been able to use these javelins in competitions. 

Having been manufactured with aircraft grade aluminum and durable rubber tips, it allows the javelin to hold up against a large amount of throwing . They are specifically well-suited for a training environment, due to the fact that they have a moderate level of flex which is ideal for elbow injury prevention. The most excellent aspect of this javelin, however is its price. The 4throwers team have designed the Silver Series javelin to be the one spear on the market that you can by a few of for all training purposes.

 All javelins ship in our 4throws Deluxe PVC tubes with a threaded end cap and a retaining cord that attaches them so you wont loose your cap! This javelin tube is Great for traveling to meets!


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