Elite Competition - Rubber Tip BLACK/WHITE Javelin


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  • The ELITE Series Javelin is our Premium Competition Javelin
  • With MAXIMUM Stiffness - The ELITE Series Javelin is the most Aerodynamic and Farthest Flying Spear We Make!!
  • Now UPGRADED and EQUIPPED with New Long Lasting Handles that Will LAST FOR YEARS!!!  

WHEN YOU PURCHASE MORE THAN ONE JAVELIN FROM 4throws                   YOUR 2nd,3rd,&4th JAVELINS SHIP FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

The ELITE series javelin is the Highest QUALITY Javelin We Make. This Superior Javelin has the lowest flex rating, meaning it is THE STIFFEST JAVELIN in our 4Throws Collection. Possessing a stiffer javelin allows ELITE Throwers to have Much Less vibration in their spears when thrown, making them MUCH More Aerodynamic. This massive increase in the Aerodynamics of the javelin allows it to be labeled our only 70 meter javelin = Any competitive athlete is able to utilize this javelin and see a LARGE increase in the distance they throw!

They are suitable for use in any high school or summer competition, and have been used at the (High School) State Meet level!

The ELITE Series javelin is comparable to javelins sold by other Large Track and Field Corporations for over $450. We can achieve this remarkably High Quality of our javelins at our significantly reduced price, by Not having large profits. Our goal is to make money by selling a LOT of these spears which is already starting to happen! Please tell your coaches and fellow athletes about us and SPREAD THE WORD! 

All  4THROWS javelins ship in our Deluxe PVC tubes with a threaded end cap and a retaining cord that attaches them so you wont loose your cap! This javelin tube is Great for traveling to meets!

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